Medgrundare & VD på Fashion Tech Group

Juli 2019 - Idag

Fashion Tech Group is a brand accelerator, owning two profitable and fast-growing lifestyle brands. We offer track record, knowledge, teams, network, and capital to scale lifestyle brands with clear proof-of-concept. Portfolio.

Styrelseledamot på c'est normal

Augusti 2023 - Idag

C'EST NORMAL is a community-driven lifestyle brand based on a mindset of constantly pushing and striving. The brand is part of Fashion Tech Group´s portfolio.

Tidigare VD & numera styrelseledamot på Mikuta

Juli 2019 - Idag

MIKUTA is a young, wild & free-inspired direct-to-consumer fashion brand for modern women with a glimpse of rock’n’roll. The brand is part of Fashion Tech Group´s portfolio.

Managementkonsult & Investerare genom PS Holding AB

Januari 2017 - Idag


Vässla Electric Scooters (2017) - Nordic market leader offering electric scooters and kick bikes with Scandinavian design. (2018) - Fitbod is a fitness app that creates a daily and deeply personalized workout routine by analyzing tracked workout data. Using machine learning, Fitbod selects the exercises, sets, reps, and weight that reflect your physical capability, available equipment, and fitness goal. (2018) - Building the world’s open library of freely usable visuals. (2019) - Organista is a fast-growing global direct-to-consumer brand, specialized in products for organizing suitcases and wardrobes. (2020) - A simple self-service 3D platform, creating stunning visuals with the power of 3D. (2020) - Direct-to-consumer technology & manufacturing platform selling customized personal care products. (2020) - Direct-to-consumer brand loved by their customers (check out their product reviews!). Personal care and home fragrance products for people who want to smell like the great outdoors. (2021) - An online marketplace where car dealers can purchase vehicles from consumers quickly and painlessly. (2021) - Fast growing D2C brand selling engraved jewelry.

Isberg Greenhouse (2022) - D2C brand house.

Mood Studio

Styrelseledamot & Partner på Movs Technology Group

Mars 2017 - Februari 2019

Board of directors member, and management consultant, at Movs Technology Group. Grew revenue by > 100%, and online revenue by > 1000%, over a period of two years without external funding. Movs Technology Group consists of the sustainable mobility-as-a-service solution MOVS, and two market-leading retail brands in the Nordics within electric bikes and scooters including several private-labels and agencies.

Medgrundare & VD på Confident Living

November 2011 - December 2016

Co-Founder & CEO of e-commerce startup Confident Living. Confident Living was sold for 55 MSEK (5,5 MEUR) in Q4 2016. Confident Living is one of Sweden´s leading online retailer within interior design and furniture with more than 500 premium quality manufacturers. In the inspirational online shop, covering all types of home interior categories, the assortment covers > 70.000 different products.

Project Sales Manager på Prosales

Januari 2010 - November 2011

Project sales manager within management consulting firm Prosales. ProSales is a research and management consulting firm specialized in B2B sales excellence helping business leaders generate profitable and sustainable organic growth.